How do you tell my ex-husband I’m dating their cousin?

How do you tell my ex-husband I’m dating their cousin?

My brother that is ex-husband’s and are joyfully dating but we’re reluctant to show the headlines into the household. Medical psychologist Jo Lamble has some professional advice for this week’s Dear Stellar.

Matter 1: i will be a lady in my own years that are senior happens to be solitary for seven years. I happened to be divorced from my hubby in 2001, after a 23-year wedding. He’s got experienced a committed relationship for quite some time and I also possessed a subsequent relationship that is 10-year.

My dilemma is the fact that my ex-husband’s bro (that is additionally solitary) has contacted me personally out of the blue and we’ve started time that is happily spending. But we’re extremely reluctant to show our relationship that is new to family.

We don’t feel like we’re doing something that is incorrect, but don’t want to increase any ill emotions. What’s your advice? It’s not much fun sneaking around when you’re in your 60s.

Exactly exactly How lovely that you’ve got discovered somebody who enables you to delighted. It’s a pity that we now have complications, but life is complicated.

For you to enjoy this relationship without sneaking around if you approach the situation with loads of empathy, surely there is a way?

It’s hard to learn whether it would be most useful for you really to confer with your ex-husband or even for their sibling to speak with him. It depends upon what sort of relationship you’ve got these full times together with your ex.

Whoever talks to him can start with acknowledgement like to explore further that it may be hard for your ex-husband to get his head around this, but you and his brother have formed a connection that you’d.


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