Online Dating Slang Terms You Must Know

Online Dating Slang Terms You Must Know


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Pronunciation: TUR-key DUMP

Another relationship that is seasonal, turkey dumping is frequent among university students, nearly all whom have been in long-distance relationships with individuals they knew in twelfth grade or from their property towns. The turkey dump occurs after one individual into the relationship returns back once again to college after Thanksgiving and realises it really is too tough to keep things going.

Etymology: So-named since it’s a breakup occurring following the Thanksgiving break.

« I experienced such a great time with Jake while he ended up being house for Thanksgiving, but he split up beside me the moment he got in to campus. I obtained turkey dumped. »


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Pronunciation: un-CUFF-ing SEE-sun

exactly just just just What sets cuffing period relationships aside from genuine relationships may be the possibility which they arrived together at a particular time for a particular explanation. You can connect up with somebody within the autumn, because so you aren’t chasing a bunch of different people all winter as it gets cold, you want something steady and dependable. As a corollary, once those conditions fall away, it seems sensible that the relationships would, too. The springtime can be viewed “uncuffing season” as it’s enough time for folks to split things down by having a semi-serious cuff and head out into an attractive and flirtatious summer time.

Etymology: a variation on “cuffing season.”

« Man, exactly how many partners have actually split up into the previous couple weeks? Continuer la lecture de « Online Dating Slang Terms You Must Know »